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6/14/14 winner pics:


What you need to know
  • we are located at 14114 Kenton Station Rd, Morningview, KY 41063

  • phone # 859-356-7702

  • Open Saturdays 6pm-12am 

  • gates open at 3 for racers

  • kids under 12 are free!

  • Spectators are $12.00 for anyone over 12 yr old, unless otherwise posted. (some events will be specially priced at $10.00)

  • Plenty of bleacher seating or bring your lawnchairs, lots of space to spread out

  • Outside food and drinks, including alcohol ARE Allowed and we do have a concession stand for those that don't want to bother packing their own (just please keep our grounds beautiful by cleaning up your own mess, we take pride in our park!)

  • Fishing and camping are available for additional fees

  • indoor bathrooms are provided

  • a swingset is accessible for the little ones!


Thornhill Dragstrip is a family owned and operated drag racing business located in Kenton County, KY.


Thornhill Dragstrip is the world's oldest, CONTINUOUSLY running drag strip.


Legend has it that Thornhill was first built by moonshiners during the prohibition as a dirt airstrip, allowing them to  transport their hootch right under the noses of local authority.


Operating on only 6 hours a week since a court noise ordinace, Thornhill has become the little track that could, beating all odds.

winners for 6-21-2014


Phil Combs

Troy Gadker 

David Hughes 

Benny Combs

Randy Vickers 

Dale Bishop 



Phil Combs 

Tony Brock 

Michael Baldwin 

Ben Rawe 

Jake Magee 

Trent Baker  



Mike Wagner 

Lester Lauderman 

Tom Collins 

Clint Henry 



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